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There is nothing more powerful in the world than human imagination. We are free to experiment as much as we want and create a world filled with engaging characters and compelling storylines. What exactly is a novel? A written narrative fiction that may or may not be inspired by true events. They are created by authors with the intention of presenting their stories to the world. And if this is something that speaks to you, then is certainly a place for authors such as yourself to express your ideas to the wider world. is a free novel reading website where anyone can read free online trending novels from the comforts of their home. This is a site that is dedicated to book lovers, offering a thrilling way for them to read the latest free novel online without spending hours searching for something that interests them with our excellent sorting system. There are tons of stories by highly creative and dedicated authors listed on our site. The world of fantasy is diverse and just waiting for you to take your plunge into it. However, we should warn you that getting out of there would be an impossible task. You would find yourself sympathizing with characters that you have never heard of before and have no relation to them whatsoever. So, brace on if you are ready to descend into a parallel world and escape your reality.

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